This thing would have been AMAZING!

The classic supervillain is getting a makeover.

An odd choice, to say the least.

These fans have given the game a breath of fresh air.

He's set to play a certain goofy robot sidekick.

Box office records wouldn't stand a chance against this film.

This sequel seriously delivers.

Hollywood should hire him to make EVERY TRAILER EVER.

The infamous bounty hunter is nearly unstoppable.

Even the Caped Crusader himself would be proud.

It's an odd combination, but somehow it works.

He may actually be kind of perfect for the part.

Please let this become a real thing one day!

Behold these wildly new takes on old favorites.

Prepare to get up close and personal.

This news is simultaneously horrible and awesome.

They're based on a comic, but not Infinity War, strangely.

It's proving to be an interesting character in its own right.

The possibilities are seemingly endless. And gory.

This movie looks flat out amazing.

As if you weren't excited enough for this game already.

We didn't even know this existed.

Things are about to get bloody. Very bloody.

This is beyond perfect.

The new DLC can't get here fast enough.

If you know what a Zord is, start getting excited.

This might even be better than Dawn of Justice.

The time has come, Uncharted fans.

There's a lot more to these guys than just nifty uniforms.
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