A Diehard Star Trek Fan Spent Eight Years Constructing A LEGO Klingon Warship

This thing is absolutely perfect.

A devoted German Star Trek fan named Kevin J. Walter has constructed a homemade LEGO Klingon Warship, otherwise known as a Bird of Prey. If you’re Trek fan who also happens to love all things LEGO, then you’re in for a real treat, because this thing is incredible. Seriously. You’re going to wish you were friends with Walter so that you could get an up close and personal look at it. But we have the next best thing: images of his amazing creation.

It apparently took over eight years for Walter to design and construct the LEGO Klingon Warship. All said and done, the build consists of 25,000 LEGO pieces1. He used bricks from multiple different LEGO sets, which included Bilbo Baggins’ front door from a Lord of the Rings collection.

The first step in Walter’s process was to create a virtual blueprint for the ship, which he worked on from 2008 to 2010. And now, after all these years, his build is finally complete. Take a look at images of his virtual blueprint below, followed by a few photos of the amazing final product. Let’s hope Walter keeps making these things. Trek fans across the globe would certainly appreciate it.





LEGO Klingon Warship


LEGO Klingon Warship


LEGO Klingon Warship


Here are photos of Walter’s incredible final product2:

star trek LEGO klingon warship1


star trek LEGO klingon warship6


star trek LEGO klingon warship5


star trek LEGO klingon warship3


star trek LEGO klingon warship4





And if you like Walter’s LEGO build, check out this version of the Klingon Bird of Prey warship, it’s got movie accurate lights and sound effects:

LEGO Klingon Warship

You can purchase one for yourself right here.


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