Artist Redesigns Old School Movie Posters With DC Characters

Superheroes make everything better. Period.

Even if you’re a comic book fan, you’ll likely admit that adding superheroes to films for no particular reason is a recipe for disaster. There are superhero movies and there are “regular” movies, and never the twain shall meet. “Too much of a good thing” would definitely be the case if we just started sprinkling DC Comic characters into movies that were pretty great without them. However, the same is NOT true for movie posters, which becomes very apparent after you look at Imgur user JuanCar684‘s work.

I’ll argue that screwing with every movie poster makes that poster better. Why? Because I don’t have to sit through 90 minutes of a poster. Posters didn’t shape my childhood. Movies did. So if someone wants to drop Batgirl into a piece of Purple Rain marketing, who am I to say no?

The work in these images is pretty strong, and the humor value varies, but they’re all interesting, especially when you see contemporary characters in the really old properties, like Gone with the Wind.

Take a look at JuanCar684’s incredible movie poster redesigns below:

dc comics22


dc comics21


dc comics20


dc comics19


dc comics18

dc comics17


dc comics16


dc comics15


dc comics14


dc comics13

dc comics12


dc comics11


dc comics10


dc comics9


dc comics8

dc comics7


dc comics


dc comics


dc comics


dc comics


dc comics


dc comics


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