Attack on Titanfall Is A Fantastic Mashup

It was meant to be.

Pop culture mashups can offer a unique spin on our favorite movies, games, and TV shows. And they can be seriously entertaining as well. Just take a look at Game of Hyrule 1. However, not too many mashups feel as “meant to be” as the following one from the folks over at Polaris. What do you get when you cross the popular anime series Attack on Titan with the hit video game Titanfall? You guessed it. Attack on Titanfall. How perfect is that title? Oh yeah, and it also happens to be fantastic.

Not only are Attack on Titan and Titanfall a good fit because of the common use of the word “titan,” but the distinct worlds of each property seem to mesh together in a unique and interesting way. To put it simply, you’re going to wish that this was an actual series. Or a comic. Or a movie. Or all of the above. Take a look at Attack on Titanfall for yourself below.

If you’re hungry for more mashup awesomeness, check out this image from concept artist Ryan Richmond, which merges anime series One Punch Man and Attack on Titan:

attack on titanfall
Art Station

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