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It sure sounds a lot easier.

Blink and you might miss them.

Marvel needs to hire this guy...

When you're this evil, you don't need superpowers.

Batman and company have never looked this cool. Ever.

It's the coolest hammer ever... besides MC.

Even the Caped Crusader has his off days.

This hybrid character deserves his own comic.

Only the Soul Stone remains.

How many of these did you think were true?

What's old is new again.

The 'Mad Titan' is bad, but these guys are arguably worse.

I don't think a relationship counselor can fix this.

An inside look at the mysterious production of Episode VII.

Whoa. That's just flat out cool.

It has a small projector, an infrared camera, and more.

The new book was completed by J.R.R. Tolkien's son.

I hope you like election-themed films.

Some of these are better than the movies themselves.

Listen up, Netflix.
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