Ben Affleck Teases Deathstroke As The New Batman Villain

One of the coolest bad guys ever? Yes, please.

Earlier today, actor Ben Affleck posted a video featuring the DC Comics character Deathstroke1 to his Twitter account. The footage, which was shot on a smart phone and takes place in a warehouse, can be seen below:

The scene caused a flurry of activity among social media users, with some speculating the villain might be appearing in a Suicide Squad sequel. However, later in the day, The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez confirmed that Deathstroke would actually face-off against The Caped Crusader in Affleck’s upcoming standalone Batman film2.

The character of Deathstroke first appeared in 1980’s The New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #2 as a mercenary hired to kill the group of heroes. As a result of a military medical experiment, he has near superhuman mental and physical powers, and is a master of martial arts and guerrilla warfare tactics. He is also missing his right eye which was lost during a fight with his wife. Throughout the years, the character has had several run-ins with Batman.

The following video from WatchMojo explains the character’s backstory in further detail:

According to The Wrap, speculation about Deathstroke appearing in an upcoming DC film had already been on the rise thanks to comments made by Arrow creator Marc Guggenheim. When asked if the character would be returning to his show, he claimed it wasn’t likely due to conflicts with another DC property.

“The character of [Deathstroke] is currently tied up in another DC project,” Guggenheim said earlier this year.

As of now, there is no official date for a release of Affleck’s planned Batman movie. However, based on other DC projects that are currently in production, the film won’t likely hit theaters until late 2018 at the earliest.


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