Check Out These Amazing Overwatch Christmas Skins

This could be the best Overwatch holiday update yet.

Overwatch is getting into the spirit of the holiday season with a brand new seasonal event called Winter Wonderland. The update, which is now available, not only features a loot box that looks like a Christmas present, but also tons of new items, highlight intros, and an incredible set of Overwatch Christmas skins. Blizzard has gotten into the habit of creating holiday-themed updates for Overwatch, so it was only a matter of time before the Christmas event was revealed. However, no one expected it to be this awesome1.

If this doesn’t get you in a cheery holiday mood, I don’t know what will. To get a taste of Winter Wonderland, check out the fantastic new character skins below, and get ready to ring in the holiday season with Overwatch:

overwatch christmas skins1


overwatch christmas skins2


overwatch christmas skins3


overwatch christmas skins4


overwatch christmas skins5


overwatch christmas skins6


overwatch christmas skins7


overwatch christmas skins8


overwatch christmas skins9


overwatch christmas skins10


overwatch christmas skins11


overwatch christmas skins12

If you love the Overwatch Christmas skins, be sure to check out the official trailer for the Winter Wonderland update below2:


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