Experience The First 12 Minutes Of Batman: Arkham VR

Welcome to Gotham, ladies and gentlemen.

In case you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to be the Batman, you may want to check out the first 12 minutes of footage from the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham VR. 

The first minute or so involves a flashback of the story we all know well, this time told from the first person perspective of a young Bruce Wayne. A fateful night, a wrong shortcut down a dark alley, gunshots – then darkness. Bruce awakens as an adult to his trusty butler Alfred informing him of a situation. Then it’s time to put on the Batsuit.

The next few minutes involve calibrating the suit. While this is probably entertaining the first time, one can imagine this would impede future playthroughs. The player shown in the video did a decent job, but there are clearly some control issues that make the game feel more like Surgeon Simulator1. To be clear, that’s not a good thing.

Then we get to play with a centrifuge! No, really. That’s in there. Apparently, the game is making sure we know that being the Bat isn’t all glitz and glamour. There’s SCIENCE too!

Just before the 9:00 mark, though, something interesting happens. We get treated to some footage of the Joker – Mark Hamill’s Joker, no less – as he teaches one of Batman’s friends a grim lesson. Batman finally springs into action, seeking the rest of the Bat-family, and the game gets underway.

You can check out the entire sequence below:

Reviews for the game thus far have been mixed, but overall they are underwhelming. Rocksteady clearly has a good handle on what makes Batman work, as evidenced by every Bat-game they’ve ever made, but in this case, it’s more of a Batman experience, like a ride one would take at an amusement park. Thus far, there’s not much that seems like a game.

Still, the concept seems interesting, and even the harshest of reviews give the game some respect:

Batman: Arkham VR debuts on October 11th.


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