FPS Nausea Can’t Be Avoided, Says Oculus Co-Founder

Will this problem ever be solved?

One of the major issues facing virtual reality gamers is FPS nausea – the motion sickness feeling that is often induced while playing a first-person shooter game in VR. Thus far, developers and players alike have had a difficult time circumventing the problem.

The issue seems to be tied to the very nature of our brains interpreting an immersive experience with a lack of tactile and sensory inputs. To put it more simply, our bodies feel disjointed from the information coming into our brains, and it makes us feel… icky. Co-founder and chief engineer for Oculus, Jack McCauley, expressed some of the difficulties that developers experience with creating content for virtual reality games.

McCauley explained, “As a gaming platform, I’m not sure that with Unity and Unreal [that] we really understand how to write an application for [VR] that doesn’t have secondary effects like nausea.”

This seems to allude to the idea that new software may be required to properly create content for virtual reality1.

He continued on to lament the ability to create for a new platform like VR, stating, “And how do you write gaming content when you’re so used to writing first-person shooters or something like that?”

McCauley doesn’t believe that the future of VR is really going to be about playing video games2. He stated, “You’ve got me on the content part. I’d say it’s not necessarily gaming.”

He alluded to the idea that things like sporting events and concerts – for example – would be better suited for VR, and virtual reality fans seem to agree:

For more on McCauley’s statements, check out this clip from IGN Unfiltered:


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