Game Developer Says The Future Of VR Gaming Is Bleak

Creators of VR gaming content are facing a tough road.

Dean Hall, the studio head of game developer RocketWerkz, simultaneously revealed the company’s new virtual reality game Out of Ammo: Death Drive to Italica and also discussed why virtual reality games are not the future of gaming.

Out of Ammo: Death Drive to Italica is a follow-up to last year’s Out of Ammo and is due to hit sometime in early 2017. However, Hall is adamant that VR gaming will never take over the world.

Many critics have taken aim at companies for jumping on the “virtual bandwagon” of exclusivity for systems like HTC and Oculus. Hall was quick to point out that people making assumptions about companies’ loyalties are wrong and that his own company took a big hit with the release of Out of Ammo, even though it sold “unusually well compared to many other VR games.”

“There is no money in it. I don’t mean ‘money to go buy a Ferrari’, I mean ‘money to make payroll’. People talk about developers who have taken Oculus/Facebook/Intel money like they’ve sold out and gone off to buy an island somewhere,” Hall stated.

Hall continued on to state that virtual reality development is incredibly expensive. The developers that critics are targeting only signed the deals they did so that their games could be published. Hall even admits that RocketWerkz considered an exclusivity deal for Out of Ammo but ultimately turned it down because it just wasn’t enough to make it worthwhile. His company was lucky in that Oculus fronted money without any expectation – a rarity1 among game publishers.

Hall clarifies that companies need to subsidize game developers for virtual reality or else there won’t be anything for people to play. “We will see more and more micro projects, and then more and more criticism that there are not more games with more content,” Hall said.

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Check out the original Out of Ammo in action below:


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