Here’s How To Fix The Most Common PlayStation VR Problems

These tips will help you make the best of your PlayStation VR.

You might have heard that Sony released a virtual reality system called PlayStation VR today, to the tune of $399 – $499, depending on which bundle you purchase. While it is an accessible and reasonably1 priced entry into the world of virtual reality gaming, it is not without some issues. However, there are thankfully some fixes for some of the more common PlayStation VR problems that people are encountering.

First and foremost, the biggest complaint seems to be motion tracking:

A number of users and reviewers have cited problems at certain distances, while others have not. Watch Push Square‘s take on the issue:

If you are experiencing tracking issues, try these fixes:

  • Make sure everything is properly connected and set up
  • Ensure that the lighting in the room isn’t interfering with either not enough or too much light
  • Check to see if the system is picking up the controllers and if it can “see” them properly
  • Clean the camera lenses to make sure the signal is being received properly
  • Make sure that nothing is obscuring either of the camera’s lenses
  • Stay within 6′ of the camera for best results

There are also a number of ways to adjust the headset in the options, so experiment with those as well to make sure you’ve got the best possible settings.

It should also be noted that mirrors and shiny surfaces tend not to agree with the system. According to Sony, it could interfere with the system’s LED tracking2.

Finally, as an added bonus, here’s a rundown of the free demos that are now available to help you get the most out of your shiny new device.

Here’s what is on the demo disk in the US and UK, except where noted:

DriveClub VR
EVE: Valkyrie
Gnog [US only]
Harmonix Music VR
Here They Lie
Job Simulator
PlayStation VR Worlds
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Kitchen Teaser [US only]
Rez Infinite
RIGS Mechanized Combat League
Tumble VR
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Wayward Sky
Within [US only]

Available for download:

Alumette [US, EU]
Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live [US, EU]
The Playroom VR [US, EU]
Resident Evil 7 biohazard – Kitchen Teaser [EU only]
SuperHyperCube [EU only]
Tumble VR [US, EU]
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood [US, EU]
Within [US only]
World War Toons Beta [US only]


Hulu App [US only]
Littlstar VR Cinema App [US, EU]
Vrideo App [US only]


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