Here’s How To Set Up Your New PlayStation VR

Three tutorials will help you get your system up and running.

Sony has released three very helpful videos to help you set up your new PlayStation VR system. Set to release on October 13th, the PlayStation VR is Sony’s entry into the virtual reality gaming world. It’s priced at $399 for the base system or $499 for the bundle, which includes Move controllers and a camera1. And, of course, you must already have a PlayStation 42.

Check out the three-part video series below, which offers up a very helpful tutorial:



Overall, the reviews for PlayStation VR have been favorable. First off, it’s the most affordable entry thus far into the VR gaming world, as Oculus, for example, will run you nearly $1,300 or more for a capable computer, VR setup, and controller. While the graphics may not be quite as impressive as the Oculus or HTC devices, it is very fluid and operates at a frame rate that works well for players. Because of this, most users will not experience the usual motion sickness that seems inherent with many virtual reality systems.

PlayStation VR also does a great job of making players feel immersed in the game world, especially with the use of the Move controllers, which add a dimension of reality to whatever the player is doing. The DualShock controller can often be used as well, but the Move gives players an extra feeling of “thereness” that they wouldn’t otherwise experience.

One of the main issues with the PlayStation VR, however, is that the launch games are hit or miss. Some games appear to be more of an experience than a game – take Batman: Arkham VR, for example. It gives you the feeling of putting on the Batsuit and operating aspects of Batman’s arsenal, but it never really feels like a game. Other titles are just a taste of what’s to come, and players must decide for themselves whether or not they’re willing to invest a minimum of $400 to see whether or not the games will improve over time.


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