Here’s What Final Fantasy 15 Would Look Like As A PS1 Game

I think I’d rather play this than the current-gen version.

Someone has reimagined Final Fantasy 15 as a PlayStation 1 game and it’s as incredible as it sounds. YouTuber C4DNerd took the new game back in time to the early days of Final Fantasy graphics, giving it a low resolution, pseudo-3D makeover. This creation truly feels like it came out of 1997. Check it out below:

Whether it be the blocky graphics, the awkward animation, the spinning battle effects, or the pre-rendered backgrounds, this fan-made gem is spot on. It’s hilariously accurate in its lampooning of earlier games in the series, especially the request to switch disks at the end1.

Final Fantasy 15 is due to hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 29th. This comes after a nearly two-month delay which the developers stated was to make the game the absolute best it can be.

Apparently, it was suggested that the extra tweaks and fixes could be placed in a day one patch. Director Hajime Tabata decided against that move, stating, “Originally I was thinking it would be okay and we could put all of the extra updates into a day-one patch, but at that point I learned there are maybe a lot of people out there who play in an offline environment and don’t have internet.”

Instead, Tabata decided it would be more prudent to take the extra two months and fix everything. “If you keep putting more volume and more content into the games, with that comes a load of extra debugging and polishing and optimization periods, so we really are concentrating on…getting that really solid and really perfect for the final game2.”

Now that the game has gone gold, it should reach shelves by the anticipated date – much to the delight of franchise fans and even the game’s developers:

Thus far, early reviews and beta tests have shown the game to be incredibly beautiful – a drastic contrast to the parody shown above. In case you’ve been under a rock for the last year or so, here’s a look at some of the gameplay:


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