Hilarious Comic Shows What Happens When Lois Sees Superman’s Penis For The First Time

You’ll never look at Clark Kent the same way ever again.

Superman and Lois Lane are probably the most well known and most beloved comic book couple of all time. At this point, we’ve seen their relationship grow and change over the course of decades1. However, we’ve never gotten an in-depth look at their love life, until now that is. Take a look at the absolutely hilarious fan-made comic below, which imagines what it was like when the duo had sex for the first time.

This sort of thing would never happen in the official comics, but nevertheless, this might be one of the most interesting Superman stories of all time. I won’t spill the beans on the specifics, but I’ll give you a hint. Two words: Superman’s penis. Need I say more?

Take a look at the comic below, which was created by Deviant Art user nebezial. However, be warned. You may never look at Superman the same way ever again.

Superman's Penis
Source: Deviant Art

So, there you have it. A story about Superman’s penis that you didn’t think you needed to hear.

If you’re hungry for more Superman trivia, check out the following video from Watch Mojo, which gives a rundown of the greatest TV and film portrayals of Clark Kent. But don’t expect to hear much about his penis in these titles, though.


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