Hilarious Video Shows Conan Testing Out Virtual Reality In YouTube’s VR Lab

Conan should be the guy they hire to test EVERYTHING.

When you enlist him to try out new products, you need to be aware that Conan O’Brien is probably going to make a mess of things. It’s always been a habit, but since his move to TBS, it’s kind of become his “thing,” especially with all of the Clueless Gamer pieces he’s done, where he takes on new video games with… limited success.

This time around, it’s not a game, but a whole industry and realm of technology that everyone’s favorite ginger tackles. He’s in the world of virtual reality, and things go about as well as you’d expect.

He gets acquainted with the technology by an old pro, Tom Small, the head of YouTube’s VR Lab, but that doesn’t really do much to improve his ability to wander the virtual world.

I could give more away, but I’m pretty sure that Conan can make his journey through VR far more entertaining than my written words. I mean, how do you convey his charming giggle on paper?

You don’t. That’s how. So watch the video.

And if you’re just now finding out that Conan’s a pretty funny guy when he’s in over his head with technology, check out these Clueless Gamer clips:


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