Huge DOTA 2 Update Pretty Much Fixes All Of The Game’s Problems

It looks like it was worth the wait.

For those of you who have been waiting for a reason to return to DOTA 2, now is the time to get back into it. Valve’s 7.00 update has finally dropped, and it fixes numerous bugs and glitches, in addition to adding a brand new character who was teased a few months back – the Monkey King1. Additionally, updates to the game’s display, new character abilities and items, and changes to the map are among the improvements in the new DOTA 2 update.

Each character now has a talent tree that enables them the choice between two new perks starting at level ten and increasing every five levels. Backpacks2 are available for all characters as well, and allow for the user to carry three extra items that cannot be used from the backpack. Said items can be swapped out, and a cooldown applies to their use. Changes have also been made to experience, gold, and leveling, so pay attention to those adjustments as well.

The map has been revamped as well, with changes to Roshan’s location, placing him closer to the power-up rune and giving him improved armor and attack (but reducing his health and health gain abilities). Runes are now divided into power-up and bounty types and there are also shrines that can be activated for teleportation.

The character roster may look a bit different as well, as some heroes have gotten a redesign.

And then there’s the new addition to the line-up: The Monkey King.

The new character has the ability to impact a line of enemies with a slam attack and can deceive adversaries by turning into trees and other disguises. He can also move along forests with ease and summon monkey warriors to fight on his behalf.

To celebrate his release, Valve is publishing a comic and offering themed content, including a new Arcana item, an announcer pack, and a new terrain pack that changes the appearance of certain areas.

Check out the following trailer, which announces the now playable Monkey King:

So far, players seem to be loving the Monkey King:

Valve hopes that these sweeping changes may be enough to draw back players who have wandered away. We’ll have to wait and see how these new additions are received.


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