January’s Free PlayStation Plus Games Start 2017 Off Right

Sony gets a jump on the new year.

It’s about to be a new year, and as expected, Sony has announced a new set of games for PlayStation Plus in January. As always, players receive 2 PlayStation 4 games, 2 PlayStation 3 games, and 2 PlayStation Vita games free, courtesy of their paid subscription. While it does seem that Sony hasn’t dropped a AAA game in a while, this month’s free PlayStation Plus offerings are highly acclaimed and should make many players very happy – for the most part.


First off is Double Fine’s critically acclaimed Day of the Tentacle Remastered. Unfortunately for some, the game was released not too long ago as part of a bundle:

The game, originally released back in 1993, is a time traveling puzzle adventure in which a trio of friends1 attempt to stop a purple tentacle from conquering mankind. Players must use their wits to out think the evil being while enjoying Double Fine’s trademark sense of humor.


Next on the list is This War of Mine: The Little Ones. Another highly acclaimed indie darling, This War of Mine shows the other side of war – those caught in the crossfire desperately trying to survive. Avoid conflict and do what must be done to survive, including making extremely difficult choices and uneasy alliances in the name of making it through just one more day.


The Swindle is the other PlayStation 3 entry for this month as well as a cross-buy for the PlayStation 4. It’s a stealth action game where players must break into and hack the files of businesses and other monetary sources before making a quick and quiet escape.


Titan Souls – the other cross-buy for the PlayStation 4 – places you in the shoes of a boy armed with only a bow and arrow who must take on a series of gargantuan monsters in a desperate bid for survival.


On the PlayStation 3 side, we’ve got BlazeRush – an arcade racing survival game with “no health, no levelling and no brakes!” that places you square in the cockpit of an interplanetary racing circuit where survival is key.


Finally, the Vita’s offerings include Azkend 2 and Titan Souls. The first, Azkend 2, is an adventure game featuring both story and multiplayer modes in which you’ll take on the role of a traveler who gets pulled into another mystical world and must fight to escape.

You can check out the free PlayStation Plus games lineup in the video below courtesy of Sony:


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