Marvel Comics Will Release Their Own Version Of Pacific Rim, With Marvel Monsters

This sounds completely insane in the best possible way.

Monsters Unleashed1, a new crossover series from Marvel, will pit the superheroes you know and love2 against classic comic monsters of the past. However, the focus will be on giant monsters, making the series, as Entertainment Weekly writer Christian Holub puts it, “Marvel’s version of Pacific Rim.”

Check out the promotional image from Marvel below:

Marvel's Monsters Unleashed crossover

“If there ever were a monster who stood 10 stories high or taller and created mayhem in the Marvel Universe over last several decades, they’re gonna be in the story,” Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

According to Marvel editor Mark Paniccia, the series’ writers are going to great lengths to ensure that every giant monster from the Marvel universe is included.

“Our goal is to cram as many mammoth monsters of Marvel into Monsters Unleashed as will fit on the page,” Paniccia said. “If you’ve got a personal favorite, chances are very good you’ll see them causing some mayhem in this series. And if you’re worried we’ll forget one, don’t be afraid to tweet at us @Marvel using the hashtag #MonstersUnleashed.”

Aside from the plethora of giant Marvel monsters, the series will also include an appearance from every Marvel hero.

“It’s an all hands on deck situation,” writer Cullen Bunn said. “Imagine something like the Hulk, only much bigger. With the destructive force those creatures have, the heroes will have to mobilize much more quickly. The heroes find themselves very quickly in a situation where they have no downtime, they have no chance to take a breath. They’re moving constantly against what are essentially cataclysmic threats over and over again.”

Axel Alonso reiterated the massive scope of the project.

“This is the Marvel Universe being momentarily united to deal with this common threat, because if they don’t get united, there’s going to be no Marvel Universe to live in,” Alonso said. “So that’s an interesting dynamic right there.”

The following video from the explains the upcoming series in more detail:

Marvel isn’t the only comic company toying with a Pacific Rim style story line. As the following tweet references, DC Comics3 recently released Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants, a direct-to-video title which features Batman piloting an enormous mech suit.


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