New Fan Theory Explains Why Skyrim Skeletons Are So Weak

It’s not the most far fetched thing we’ve ever heard.

While The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been extremely popular since the game’s release back in 2011, the remastered edition seems to have revived an interest in the game’s intricate world. And, as one would expect, that brings a resurgence of fan theories about how and why things function as they do in the game. One such theory has to do with why Skyrim skeletons are the weakest enemies in the game.

The theory comes to us from Imgur user , who says “I can’t believe nobody else has figured this out.”

Skyrim Skeletons Are Weak Theory

AVeryNiceGuy1 starts his theory by stating the obvious: “As we all know skeletons are amongst the weakest enemies in Skyrim.” As fans of the game will tell you, this is definitely true. Skeletons are relatively easy to take down and don’t put up much of a fight, typically.

Skyrim Skeletons Are Weak Theory

He continues: “And these skeletons are dead people brought back to life by necromancers1.”

Skyrim Skeletons Are Weak Theory

Here’s where the theory starts to go a bit off the rails. In reference to the skeletons, AVeryNiceGuy1 says: “But when these people were still alive they no doubt heard the insult milk drinker all the time.”

Skyrim Skeletons Are Weak Theory

“Consequently none of them wanted to drink milk while living,” the theorist continues2.

Skyrim Skeletons Are Weak Theory

“This led to poor calcium and therefore weak skeletons.”

And there you have it. Skyrim skeletons are weak because they didn’t drink their milk. Somewhere in Skyrim, someone’s mother is probably feeling very vindicated.


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