New ‘Hitman’ Storyline Inspired By Episodic Television

The beta for PS4 goes live February 12th.

The upcoming next gen Hitman game1, due to hit consoles March 11th, is said to be inspired by episodic television series. Developer Io Interactive says it is the first in a sprawling storyline that will “continue and expand with future Hitman games.” The first is an introduction to the “World of Assassination.” Check out the trailer below:

The new Hitman game will play out like contemporary television, with multiple characters and evolving story arcs over time. The game will of course still be centered on Agent 47, but it is suggested that he, his handler Diana Burnwood, and a whole cast of characters new to Agent 47’s world will be interconnected in a deeply involved plot. Io Interactive promises more information to come in the near future:

Hitman will cover five locations overall, with the first three available at the game’s release in March. Io Interactive stated previously that consumers could purchase a scaled down version of their new Hitman game for $34.99 or the full version for $59.99. The scaled down version, called the “Intro Pack,” is the launch content: Paris, France; Sapienza, Italy; and Marrakesh, Morocco – that contain 800 targets, six campaign missions, and weekly live events.

The beta for Hitman goes live next week on PlayStation 4.

Source: Games Radar


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