New VR Game Takes You On A Journey To A Dinosaur-Filled Planet

Ever wish you had a pet T-Rex? Here’s your chance.

A new PS VR game will send players to a dinosaur-filled planet where terrible thunder lizards run wild and secrets abound. In Robinson: The Journey, players take on the role of a boy who finds himself stranded on an Earth-like world and must find a way to escape. Accompanied by a floating sphere1, the player must avoid dangerous pitfalls and deadly carnivores. The PlayStation Move controller figures prominently, and the character utilizes a device clearly modeled after it – thus adding to the game’s immersion.

Robin, seemingly the sole survivor of a massive crashed ship, searches for other human survivors in a prehistoric world. The aforementioned sphere, designated HIGS, is an AI2 who helps you scan the terrain and aids in solving puzzles and other tasks. While we are unsure of what caused the crash, it will probably be a part of the game’s overall mystery.

Watch the launch trailer below:

Robinson: The Journey does a fantastic job of presenting the world to the player. Robin starts onboard the ship in a futuristic child’s room, but quickly must escape the crashing vessel. Once the escape pod lands on the planet, the real quest begins. All sorts of debris covers the game’s world, giving the young explorer – and the player – a sense of scale to the rest of the terrain that will be encountered.

Another plus to the game is the player’s other sidekick, Laika, a young Tyrannosaurus Rex that follows Robin wherever he goes. Laika can be used to scare off other creatures and to aid in solving puzzles.

Robinson: The Journey is available now in the PlayStation store for $59.99.


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