PlayStation VR Unboxing Video Shows Us Everything Included With The Device

Say hello to your new gaming obsession.

The PlayStation VR will be out in less than a month, and we’re finally getting a look at what is included with the device. Thanks to an early release, the following unboxing video gives us a sneak peek at the highly anticipated system1. Set to some rather mellow music and shown from a first-person perspective, watching this is almost as good as opening it yourself. Almost.

Watch the big reveal below:

One nice touch that you may have missed is that the receiving device that connects to the PlayStation 4 system is also shaped like a miniature PlayStation 4. It should be noted that you need a PlayStation Eye Camera, which is sold separately from this bundle, and of course, you’ll need the actual PS4 system to power the device.

There is, however, a bundle that has the camera, Move controllers, and the PlayStation VR Worlds game that is priced at $500.

After watching that unboxing video, many PlayStation fans are already trying to figure out what to add to their library:

PlayStation VR is set to launch on October 13th and is priced at $400.

Also of note for PlayStation VR’s release is Battlezone, a remake of an old 80’s arcade game, which was one of the first 3D wireframe titles. The first-person tank game has players taking on and destroying other tanks in a 3D virtual battlefield, but it currently lacks multiplayer support. That may, however, be added at a later date.

According to Rebellion, the developer, the company wanted to ensure that the enemy AI was as good as it could possibly be before adding the multiplayer component. Hopefully, that means that the game will feel challenging to seasoned tank fighters.

Check out Battlezone in action below:


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