Remember That Time The Flash Was So Angry He Turned Someone Into A Statue?

A fate worse than death.

All Flash #1The Flash is one of those characters that people often forget is surprisingly powerful – especially when a writer is inventive with his powers and abilities. In one particular case, Imgur reminded us the Flash (Wally West) once became so infuriated by an enemy that he not only de-powered him, he trapped him in time. The story takes place in All-Flash #1 (2007), but essentially an evil clone – Inertia – murdered Flash’s cousin Bart and he’s pretty pissed about it.

All Flash #1

Flash taps into the Speed Force – which gives the various versions of the Flash their powers – and uses it to remove Inertia’s own speed abilities.

All Flash #1

In addition, he takes away Inertia’s ability to move, essentially freezing him in place for eternity. Flash then plants Inertia in a museum, forcing him to stare at a statue of Bart Allen. With it taking him a hundred years to even blink, Inertia will suffer an unfathomable sentence, completely conscious and aware of time’s passage.

All Flash #1

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