Trailer Released For ‘Street Fighter V’ Training Mode

The highly anticipated game debuts on February 16, 2016.

Although the Street Fighter V beta has ended, new information has appeared showcasing the new tutorial mode featuring Ryu and Ken in pre-Street Fighter Alpha gear1.

Ryu is the star of the tutorial, training with Master Gouken and sparring with young Ken Masters. The tutorial is story driven and shows the progression of Ryu and Ken as they explore and refine their skills and abilities. It is designed to help players learn the basics that will apply to all players, regardless of their move set.

So far, 6 DLC characters have been announced, and will be available either through gameplay or purchase for those who don’t wish to spend the gameplay time to earn them. This brings the total to 16 playable characters announced to date.

Advance information and beta testing has made many gamers excited for the release of Street Fighter V, as it appears to be the most accessible title of the series:

Capcom has already stated that they intend to make the game easy for old school players and newcomers to pick up and jump into quickly. Street Fighter V will debut on February 16, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: GameSpot


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