Take A Look At The Free Xbox Live Games For January

Prepare for another fantastic month of Xbox freebies.

If the free Xbox Live games for January are any indication, 2017 is going to get off to a great start. As usual, two Xbox One games and two backward compatible Xbox 360 games will become available during the course of the month. Games with Gold subscribers will get nearly $90 worth of content with Microsoft’s January offering.

First up is Deathtrap: World of Van Helsing for Xbox One, which is available during the entire month of January. The tower defense game has players setting up traps and machines to halt invading hordes. There’s also a player-versus-player mode that enables gamers to match wits and see who can survive the longest. Check out the trailer below:

Next up is Killer Instinct Season 2, also for Xbox Onewhich will be available from January 16th through February 15th. The second character release for the epic fighting game remake brings some familiar faces back into the fray, along with some new ones. Get ready to battle it out and see who’s the master1. Interestingly, January of 2016 saw Killer Instinct Season 1 as a free entry as well, so perhaps we can expect this trend to continue.

Here’s the trailer for Killer Instinct Season 2:

As for the free Xbox 360 games, Xbox Live Gold players will get their hands on Double Fine’s The Cave, which follows a motley crew of explorers attempting to make their way through a mystical cave in order to find great rewards. And of course, since it’s a Double Fine game, there’s a twisted sense of humor to the whole thing. The Cave goes live on the first of January. Here’s the trailer:

Finally, Rayman Origins makes an appearance for the second half of January. The hero2 must once again save his people from monstrous invaders while traversing a colorful world of platform gaming. Here’s the trailer:

Here’s the official announcement from Microsoft:


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