These Amazing Iron Man Redesigns Combine Tony Stark With Other Heroes And Villains

Batman, Spider-Man and the Power Ranger are my favorites.

Australian artist Kode, otherwise known as BossLogic, specializes in creating pop culture inspired illustrations. We’ve seen some of his pieces before (like these illustrations of Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke), but the following collection of images just might be his best work yet. And if you happen to like superheroes, especially ones with the word “Iron” in their name, these pieces are going to make your day.

Kode has created an incredible character mashup series called “IronMash,” which reimagines Iron Man as different heroes and villains. In the images, Tony Stark gets merged together with another hero (or villain), thus creating an entirely new character. For instance, have you ever wondered what an Iron Man/Batman mashup would look like? You’re about to find out. And let’s just say you’re going to wish that it was a real superhero.

Check out the Iron Man redesigns below. In addition to comic book characters, Kode also throws in a few characters from TV, film, and gaming as well1.

Iron Man + SupermanIron Man Redesigns

Iron Man + MagnetoIron Man Redesigns

Iron Man + Mega Man ZeroIron Man Redesigns

Iron Man + ScorpionIron Man Redesigns

Iron Man + AkumaIron Man Redesigns

Iron Man + Power RangerIron Man Redesigns

Iron Man + RyuIron Man Redesigns

Iron Man + Sub-Zeroiron-man-designs22

Iron Man + Gundam Xiron-man-designs13

Iron Man + Decapreiron-man-designs5

Iron Man + M. Bisoniron-man-designs7

Iron Man + Gokuiron-man-designs12

Iron Man + Deadpooliron-man-designs20

Iron Man + Batmaniron-man-designs18

Iron Man + Spider-Maniron-man-designs11

Iron Man + Wolverineiron-man-designs2

Iron Man + Black Widowiron-man-designs8

Iron Man + Deathstrokeiron-man-designs17

Iron Man + Ezioiron-man-designs3

Iron Man + Green Arrowiron-man-designs1

Iron Man + Predatoriron man predator

Iron Man + Daft Punkiron-man-designs15

Iron Man + Alice LiddellIron Man Redesigns

Iron Man + JawsIron Man Redesigns


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