These DC Inspired Square Enix Figures Deserve Their Own Movie

Batman and company have never looked this cool. Ever.

In the world of comic-book movie adaptations, DC Comics used to reign supreme. Beginning in the late 1970s, film versions of Superman and Batman set a standard for superheroes in cinema1 that would last for a generation. But after Christopher Nolan completed his beloved Dark Knight Trilogy in 2012, and the new era of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) kicked off with Man of Steel (2013), things began to change.

While no one can accuse the recent DCEU films of being commercial flops2, the response from many fans and critics alike has been less than exuberant, especially compared to the response to recent films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And one of the chief complaints, accurate or not, is that Warner Bros. and director/executive producer Zack Snyder have sucked all the fun out of the characters.

But while DC might be floundering in the film department, at least critically, it’s breaking new ground in the world of action figures thanks to Square Enix’s spin on some of the company’s most beloved characters. The line of collectible toys is getting rave reviews that Zack Snyder and company can only dream of3.

Some might argue that a samurai-inspired Bushido Batman or a mashup of the Dark Knight and Two-Face is too bizarre for a mainstream audience. But almost no one would argue that the ideas aren’t fun! And considering the reception given thus far to the nearly joyless DCEU films4, the franchise could do a lot worse than to look at the unique ideas being put out by Square Enix for inspiration.

Take a look at the incredible DC inspired Square Enix figures below and see if you agree:

Joker Square Enix

Green Lantern Square Enix

Batman Square Enix

Hawkman Square Enix

Batgirl Square Enix

Cyborg Square Enix

Robin Square Enix

Aquaman Square Enix

Batman Spartan Square Enix

Catwoman Square Enix

Harley Quinn Square Enix

Darkseid Square Enix

Nightwing Square Enix

Wonder Woman Square Enix

Flash Square Enix

Supergirl Square Enix

Batman Bushido Square Enix

Batman Joker Square Enix


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