This Video Shows Us What A Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine Fight Would Look Like

Who do you think would win?

I don’t know why Wonder Woman and Wolverine would get so angry at each other that they’d feel the need to kick each other’s butts1, but if your mind has been occupied with such a showdown, then Christmas has come early for you. Because the fine folks at Super Power Beat Down have taken the liberty of pitting the two icons against each other for no reason greater than our own twisted amusement in a Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine death match.

Even if you don’t particularly care about the outcome of this fictional duel, there’s still a lot in the video to enjoy. The video at once seems to straddle the line between high Hollywood production values and high porn film production values, which makes for a pretty fun experience.

An informal perusal of Twitter shows that most people think Diana has the upper hand here:

Here’s the video. Please place your bets on either “invisible plane” or “adamantium claws.”

We don’t want to spoil the outcome in the event you didn’t watch the video2, but take solace in knowing that if your particular superhero didn’t prevail, there will be an alternate ending in a couple weeks that you could delude yourself into thinking was the reality of the first fight. Hmm. That sort of lowers the stakes here, doesn’t it? The alternate ending is sort of the participation trophy of superhero battles.

I guess it’s good that everyone’s a winner. I guess. However, the following piece of Wonder Woman trivia might just prove that Diana is a bit more powerful (in some respects):

Wonder Woman fact

Did you know Wolverine once fought the X-Men? Pick up that awesome book here.


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