Thor’s Mjolnir Is A Lot More Powerful Than You Think

It’s proving to be an interesting character in its own right.

In The Mighty Thor #11, which was released yesterday, Mjolnir1 is revealed to be a lot more powerful than previously thought.

The issues finds Thor, along with S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Roz Solomon, attempting to bring down the corporate overlords of Midgard2. When the Goddess of Thunder is struck with a magic bullet3, a cancer-stricken Jane Foster arrives to help.

However, as anyone who follows the comic is aware, that makes no sense since the current Thor is actually Jane Foster. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this turn of events, the following video from the ComicsExplained YouTube channel should bring you up to speed:

So, if Thor is Jane Foster, who is the woman that showed up claiming to be Jane Foster? It turns out to be the physical manifestation Mjolnir.

After removing the bullet, the Mjolnir/Jane Foster/doppelganger/spirit thingy explains why the hammer chose Jane in the first place.

“Your heart is stronger than even your Thunder my lady,” Mjolnir said. “That’s what makes you worthy. That’s why I chose you.”

Images from issue #11, as well as its cover, can be seen below:

Thor's Mjolnir has a new power.
Source: Marvel


Thor's Mjolnir has a new power.
Source: Marvel


Thor's Mjolnir has a new power.
Source: Marvel

While the plot definitely took a bizarre turn, I suppose it’s not really that odd in the context of a story about a superhero based on an ancient Norse myth. However, according to writer Jason Aaron, the plot will only get weirder from here:

A synopsis for issue #12, which will be released on October 19th, was also posted on Marvel’s website, and promises to reveal more of the hammer’s secrets.

“What makes one worthy to carry this weapon?” the synopsis reads. “Is it destiny? Or does the hammer choose its partner? Discover the storied history of Thor’s greatest ally — The MIGHTY MJOLNIR!”


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