Watch New Persona 5 Video To See 18 Minutes Of Gameplay

The fifth installment of the franchise looks seriously insane.

Persona 5 is currently only available in Japan, but you can check out 18 minutes worth of the game right here. The game looks gorgeous, both in terms of the anime style cut scenes and the beautifully rendered in-game graphics that flesh out the gameplay. Sadly, we don’t speak Japanese, so your guess is as good – if not better – than ours in terms of dialogue. Still, the intro and tutorial seem relatively obvious and simple enough to figure out.

Persona 5 will follow a group of students who disguise themselves as thieves – adopting the personas or personalities of various famous outlaws – in an effort to expose the corruption and evil that is underlying Tokyo’s ruling class.

Want more Persona 5? Check out the gameplay trailer below:

And in case you need more convincing, check out Arcadea‘s breakdown of why you should be excited for this game:


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