What Joe Manganiello Could Look Like As Deathstroke

These are some very convincing renderings.

Recently, Ben Affleck, who now seems to be the de facto custodian of the DC cinematic universe, recently teased some footage of Deathstroke the Terminator, a fan-favorite assassin that will surely pop up somewhere in a DC film. It could be in the upcoming Justice League or something a little further down the line. Or maybe, they’ll just see all the success that Deadpool had and give the character his own movie.

But all that’s conjecture since we don’t even know who would be playing Deathstroke. That’s not to say there isn’t a front-runner, though. True Blood and Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello seems to be the fan favorite, and these new renderings of him as the character likely won’t do much to dissuade anyone of the idea that he’s a good fit.

Here are two pieces of concept art from Boss Logic which should give you an idea of what he’d look like suited up:

joe manganiello deathstroke
Source: Boss Logic


deathstroke joe manganiello
Source: Boss Logic

The man can wear an eyepatch. I’ll give him that.

It’s unclear if the first version of Deathstroke we get will be the unmasked Slade Wilson take, or maybe they’ll use a no-name actor for a film or two as the masked character, then offer up a reveal.

It’s all conjecture, but it’s nice to know that Joe Manganiello can fit the bill pretty well if need be.


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